Wrap it up

Blog day 1 #Recklesslove 
Can one just wrap it up and place it into boxes.. an entire lifetime right before your eyes. You may have never really noticed all the collecting all the clutter all the extra stuff that just took into your space. Junk that just surrounded and hindered your every step. #PURGE release and restore. In life we can come to a sudden moment as we think it may be but let’s just say there are no sudden moments in God. It happens because He plans for it to happen. Are we in posture of understanding that our ways are far from the best..as we trust In Him we are able to understand His plans always work out for the best. There may come a time where it all has to go but it’s only because He is removing the clutter the collection of what is suffocating you. Allow the process and see that all along He was teaching you to trust as for what He has in mind is so much better. 




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