There comes a time…

“Prophetic Wombs bring Paternity”

Where do I start…. this is a special day and a special message for the record.

There was a time where I began to notice something that placed a burden in my heart. And this was that I was not seeing spiritual “Paternity” taking place. When I had my first encounter with God there was a person there shortly after that shared the importance of paternity here on earth. Honestly, this was all I really knew it was the way God had chosen to disciple me He knew exactly what I needed. To God be all the Glory because it really worked. I’m proud of who I am today. There had been times where my faith had been shaken here and there but there was someone who was always paying attention and made sure to be there for me when I needed them most they helped me become a mature disciple to the point that there was never a moment that I thought to turn back. I know who God has called me to be. I know my purpose here on earth. I know my assignment.

The importance of spiritual paternity is a matter of life or death. It should never be taken lightly. I truly believe this. It’s sad to see so many people operating in ministry with no spiritual covering and honestly this brings hurt to the body of Christ. This would be why you may have heard in the “Past” decade so many say “I’m church hurt”. There is no one overseeing the ministers and never less the sheep. And let it be known God Never intended for us to be alone without covering it’s just not biblical. God places men and women over us to protect us and protect others. To hold us accountable for whom He entrusts to us as leaders, mentors and Pastors.

There is the spirit of Absalom which is operating very heavy in the church. Also, lots of Rebellion…. they start out with having a great leader that believes in them and telling them what you have been created for and before you know it they want to step over the leader and take over. But wait how long have you even been in the process for many it’s just getting starting. We then see lack of submission and people doing whatever they choose. Which is… Complete disorder and dishonor to God.

My story is like this I have encountered only one spiritual mother in my walk with Christ and I will honor her till my very last breath. She knew my purpose and potential and sent me off to the missions field. After ten years of being under her leadership we both heard where God was sending me out to fulfill my calling. Even hearing from God when I was sent I felt a sense of disconnect and I could not figure out why or what was taking place. God was taking me down a road to encounter Him in a greater way. There where things that my spiritual leader knew she could not teach me because she had not been there. That does not discredit her or make her less we both knew it was time to send me off to what I call “THE KINGDOMS ASSIGNMENT”.

After almost seven years of experiencing many heartaches, hurt, betrayal and trying moments which are all part of Gods process for me. I recall one day hearing from the Lord and He said to me my children don’t have to search for a Father because I send the Father to find His children.

Over a year ago or maybe even a bit longer I encountered a women that I have observed and today admire. I felt as if I had known her all my life and that we where going to encounter one another and it was going to be a divine moment where God was going to release something we had both been longing for.

How many of you know what that was? “Paternity”

Shortly, after the Lord presents this before me I come to realize all this time I really did have a spirit of abandonment lingering over me. Don’t get me wrong I know who my “Abba” is my Father God but there is a need for Spiritual Parents here on earth. I noticed I was still hanging on to what I knew all along was Gods order and will. This also led to me realizing I was still dealing with the fact that I had lost my real mother when I was only twenty eight years old. I think you all get it. It’s so important we seek God for Him to bring these things to the surface for us to be fully ESTABLISHED!!

That’s my word for 2020 ESTABLISHED and it is that indeed! I hope you are Blessed by this message. I hope that you pray and ask God to bring things into order. I pray that you encounter even more of what God has for you after reading this. I’m truly Blessed and can’t wait to see all that God will so from this day forward. Stay connected to read an article as I present to you all my Spiritual Mother an amazing, powerful women filled with the Holy Ghost and anointing from God.

Be Blessed ❤️

Be Inspired ❤️

Love ❤️ Janelle

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