It is not the passing of the storm that will comfort us, it is learning to embrace and accept all the storms in our lives that will bring us peace.
As a highly sensitive person who picks up emotions from those around me, as well as my environment, it is essential that I root and ground myself in Jesus, and continue to grow those roots.
When we are connected to His source with the Earth, we feel calm and balanced, no matter what the circumstance. The storms will come and go, but they will always be present in our lives…and they inspire us to root deeper.   

When we aren’t grounded in the Word of Jesus, we are a like feeble leaf in the wind, vulnerable to everything that may cause us discomfort.
But when we are grounded, no storm, big or little, can throw us off balance. Irrespective of what is happening outside of us, we are stable, secure, present, and in control.
Spend time rooting yourself, opening up that wonderful root and incorruptible seed of God. There are many ways to ground yourself: take a walk in nature (alone with no interruptions), spend time in the garden, meditate, or simply sit in silence with your feet planted on the Earth (no shoes).  
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Colossians 2:7 

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