For the past couple of months God has been speaking deeply into my spirit.  I remained silent just taking it in and accepting what He was saying.  I can say it was very hard to accept even harder to accept knowing it’s the TRUTH. There are just something’s you don’t really want to accept. 

Today I open my heart my part of being a pastor, a minister. Many may be in absolute sock once they read this; based on verse Matthew 6:33 which many seem to mis-use this verse to there very own benefit to help establish there very own Kingdoms. When I set out to write this blog I promised to be the most transparent ever. 

I come in asking this question… what if God says to you Faithful servant your so wrapped up and concerned with bringing people to me that you have lost “OUR PRORITY TOGETHER” our relationship has become a total routine a cycle of •Well this is what I know to do. If I don’t do it then “I’m failing, I’m not Spiritual enough” you won’t Bless me etc etc….

To hear God say this is very hard to listen to let alone to have to accept. Accepting its true is One major step. Many times as an individual you forget how important you truly are to God and how important your relationship with God really is.  Your so busy worrying about everyone else that you have lost track of the most important which is “Yourself”.  Your faith is no longer your faith but it becomes the faith of others and if your not taking care of your faith and there not taken care of it either …. what happens “BURNOUT”.

God is saying seek first the Kingdom of God in your life to then be able to help others.  Your main and only priority is YOUR spiritual life with God before anything and anyone.  Don’t be fooled, don’t be mis lead! 

Once you can spiritually accept what God is saying your going to enter into a new thing! Eyes haven’t seen And ears haven’t heard The kind of blessings that are about to fall on you Victory is here you have Kicked defeat out the door God’s doing a new thing so Get ready for overflow I’m getting ready to see Something I’ve never seen”

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Matthew 6:33

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