It’s not dead ….


Based on Matthew 28

When it looks like it’s over (dead) but God shows you it’s just the start of something greater.

After reading Matthew 28 this morning I mediate and soak in Gods Presence to come to understand that when we think just as many think it’s over, that IT’S EXPIRED, there is no hope, it can’t possibly change, it’s done God steps in as He does exactly what’s in this scripture and says it’s just about to get started. You may not see me there anymore but that’s because Something greater is taking place. Can’t you see “Im no longer there”.


While you had been thinking that It was dead, done, over the truth of the matter is you where having a heavenly vision. Deep inside of you, you know that what is taken place is not enough and there is so much more to accomplish and now you can’t even begin to contain the fire that burns within.

There are times, that it appears as if no life inhabited in us and we are just laying there and we feel nothing is happening but truly I say to you even when there is great physical pain and affliction, there is still the tangible presence of Jesus and all He asked is that we tap into it.

Three amazing things I have learned in my time of restoration and refreshing aside from so much more, when you feel like the Holy Spirit hides it’s for these reasons:

1. To draw you near to Him
2. To test you
3. To purify you

Let nothing trouble you,
Let nothing scare you,
All is fleeing,
God alone is unchanging,
Patience, Everything obtains.
Who possesses God nothing wants. God alone suffices.

Now today let it be known and allow many to witness the supernatural fire in you… it’s not dead. Your not dead you have had an even deeper encounter with the Lord. What you have experienced has been good but what’s happening now is even better.

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