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Jocelyn Michelle

Happy New Year to all of our Inspire Her Life followers!!! Get ready cause 2020 is all about you! Your being established. You have entered into a decade where you will be beyond blessed. It’s your year of fullness. There will be shifting but it’s going to be a good shift. Greatness awaits you.

Inspire Her Life wants to weekly seek out women that are Inspiring others. I will call this “About Her”. Today I choose my daughter. Jocelyn Michelle who was born here in Orlando, FL who today is twenty years old. She is totally focused on her future. Jocelyn is an Esther and was always known for her silent missionaries heart and is a worshipper in spirit in truth. Jocelyn in 2019 walked into a new and exciting journey working for the Police Department. She is growing and learning and watching her inspires me to believe that anything we work at with “Faith believing that we can and we will” will come to pass.

I sit and think about how young she is and how she has set goals and is achieving them. Jocelyn at the age of eight years old gave here self to the Lord. She has decided that she will not have sex till marriage. This for me is huge. I remember sharing with Jocelyn at the age of ten years old about the “Birds and the Bees” making her aware of what comes behind not saving herself for the one God chooses for her to marry. Today it’s rather hard for those to remain celibate and away from temptation. I’m inspired to know that it’s not impossible.

Anything you “Believe” you can do you will do.

I can’t wait to be a witness of the amazing things she will accomplish in her life. Her future is so Brite. My prayer for Jocelyn is to continue to believe and achieve. My dear your writing a beautiful story that many coming behind you will look forward to reading about.

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Inspire 2020

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