Inspire 2020 “Zuleyka Salazar”

I had the honor and privilege to meet such an amazing and beautiful individual. We met over dinner back in December 2019 when I visited the End Your Year Strong Conference.
Allow me to introduce Zuleyka Salazar. Grateful for this opportunity that was divinely orchestrated by God. I’m so excited that she said yes and is able to inspire you with who she is.
Zuleyka is not just anyone she is an ambassador of the Kingdom of God. She is Chosen to bring Heaven on Earth. She is currently a Business Owner and Property Manager as well as a Director of Children’s Ministry in her local home church and a Leader of a House of Peace. She teaches, preaches and is a worshipper.
I asked Zuleyka what was her purpose and she said to Help men and women find their identity and once they find their identity, they will find God, and their destiny will change. She says it’s Guaranteed!
She continued to answer more questions that came to mind such as; “What are you doing to impact others // in the community //and to make a difference?
Zuleyka replies and says that she impacts others by letting them know how important they are to God, through the expression of tangible love, compassion, understanding, comprehending, listening and mentoring.Then I said wow that’s amazing tell me;
What makes you so passionate about what you do?Zuleyka says I was once lost, and now I’m found. Having the feeling of being lost is a like living in a lonely dark cave, and not knowing the purpose of life and why you go through so much rejection, failures, setbacks. You loose the purpose of existences and that’s when you come face to face with suicide. Now that I’m found, I’m passionate about helping others get out of that lonely dark cave.
 Zuleyka is truly authentic and transparent and was extremely vulnerable in her interview. She totally understands that she has been created to impact and leave inspiration wherever she goes. I continued by asking her…. So tell me Do you have a favorite motto or quote that inspires you?
If you can’t fly then runif you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.
Zuleyka tell me What is your favorite thing to do with your family?
I love creating memories, by being adventures, and spontaneous with the things we do.
Zuleyka tell me about motherhood? Tell me how you deal with working and ministry… As a mom, I find ways to involve my family in what I do, because they are a part of me. I ask them for their ideas, input, feedback especially with the new generation, they are very important. In the working and ministry field, I also use the same strategy. I find ways to involve everyone in, and make decisions that lead to solutions
Zuleyka shared that if there is one word she truly loves that word would Compassion. She is a compassionate being and that is such an important part of sharing JESUS with others. We can never forget where we come from and how God was so compassionate with us.
A phrase that describes Zuleyka is:
“Life for me aint no crystal stair”-Poem ; Mother to Son by Lansgton Hughes
Zuleyka is currently working on opening a social media channel, but in the meantime you are welcome to follow her on Zuleyka Salazar
 Zuleyka has a beautiful teachable spirit and is always open to advice, ideas, suggestions or/and sponsorships to continue to grow in the ministry. She is currently working on developing a platform where anyone who wants to find themselves and wants to help others do so, will be able to get involved. 
I’m so grateful for this opportunity to share with you all whom are throughout the world wide this amazing individual. Please help me to always keep Zuleyka in prayer as she continues to thrive and be an inspiration to many! Zuleyka the best is yet to come!!!
Be Blessed
Be Inspired
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