Inspire 2020 “Apostle Jacqueline Tirado”

Apostle Jacqueline Tirado

For those that follow my blog you have heard me say “In Gods Perfect Time” This is a really special post. If you read my previous one you will understand why. There comes a time…. It’s in Gods time. I’m going to share with you about a women that in such little time has impacted my life with her transparency, determination and confidence. I have the honor of sharing this article with entire world with hope that you too will be greatly inspired. Here we go…….

First I proudly want to say she’s my Spiritual Mother…. I could not be more blessed to have encountered someone as her. God knew exactly who would be best for me. As, we start the article I begin by asking her some simple questions;

Apostle Jacqueline in your own words tell me more about you… I want to share with everyone how amazing you are, please tell everyone what you do;

I am a wife, mother, friend and sister. Alongside my husband, we lead and Pastor Generation Faith Church located in Orlando, Florida. The Lord has graced me with traveling the country equipping and empowering many people to lead a Christ centered life. The Lord has allowed me to birth His dream of an event called Sparkle where I annually celebrate it in Florida but also where ever the Lord opens up the door for revival to take place. It’s a multicultural event where different anointing’s are displayed and it focuses on reviving the fire of the Lord, developing a relationship with the Lord and making sure the truth of the Word of God is number one in our life. Apart from all the ministry detail, I love to indulge in a good book, write and spend endless time with my family.

I love it, this brings hope to those who juggle with so much in so many areas just as you. Can you share with us your purpose ?

My purpose is to birth God’s dreams and purposes here on earth. Help establish an eternal relationship in this generation with our Father and the earth through the manifestation of His Word, miracles, signs and wonders.

Can you tell us what you are doing to impact others // in the community //to make a difference?

I believe modeling the Word of the Lord is a big factor in evangelizing to the world about Christ. I have been on the streets evangelizing to standing in the pulpit preaching. Our life should be an open book for all to see Christ in.

Tell us what makes you so passionate about what you do?

I’ve been in love with our Lord since my early youth years. Since then, He has been my drive to everything I do.

Do you have a favorite motto or quote that inspires you?

I have a few mottos for different areas in life. But this is one:

Don’t let life dull the divine

No dejes que la vida opaque lo divino

Are there any special things you like to do with your family?

We just love to do so many things together especially travel. We always travel together.

So we know your a mom, how would you describe motherhood?

My interpretation of life has been before any church title that I can possibly get or achieve, I am a mother first. Nothing compares to being a mother. That’s first and foremost. God’s love to humanity through mothers.

How are you able to do it all…. so better said what is your trick to mommin’ and working and ministry?

I believe we mothers have insight from the Lord, wisdom He provides and many abilities to do many things at the same time. He equipped us and made us like this to show the world the things He can do through us. No tricks here, lol, lots of planning, establishing rules and sticking with it.

Are there a special word that you could say you love?

Many words but I do love LOVE. What about a phrase that describes you? She laughs and states “Never thought about this one”

You are the miracle that the World needs to see

You are the Answer to Humanity 

Please tell us how can we follow you and your journey?

We stream all of our services, plus Facebook & Instagram. You can always come visit our church in Orlando.

What is someone chooses to get involved with your passion project? Can they?

Yes, I am always looking for volunteers for Sparkle and many other minor projects that we have through out the year.

My passion project is Sparkle, You can find out more details at you can also go to Facebook page Sparkle Global. 

Truly this article for me is such an honor and privilege, just to know that you are willing on taking the time to invest in me and take me under your covering and allowing me to have access of growing alongside of you and being inspired by your many assignments, if there is one thing I truly am drawn to is seeing how as a women in ministry you know with certainty there are no limits and the direction in which your going. I can see through you knowing that your focused, dedicated and genuine. From the very beginning I knew it was not about you but all about the Kingdom of God and that placed a desire in me to follow. Your a rare breed. Not many like you. Lets me know that I am truly part of the “Chosen”.

I know this is the first of many articles as we embark on this Kingdom assignment in “paternity’ to see all that God has purposed in us to be fulfilled. I’m excited and truly encouraged knowing again that God knew exactly what I needed to reach His fullest potential in me. My prayer is that all that read this article be truly Inspired and Blessed knowing that the “Father is searching for His son’s & daughters” never loose hope for there is a “Chosen” person by the Father just as Apostle Jacqueline who carries on her maternal role with regard to the members of Christ, cooperating in the birth and development of their divine life. So just as God is doing with me, God will do we with He is preparing to send you that one person that will Inspire to keep going knowing there is so much more.

Be Blessed

Be Loved

Be Inspired


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