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After resting this afternoon I came to a point where the Lord was saying pour out amongst my people, start writing.  I truly believe sharing this with others will encourage them to go deeper and above all there faith will continue to increase.  For many it would be hard to share what I tend to share and that’s ok… the only way I have been able to  share is truly because of the encounter I have had with God.

Today, was truly a day of reflection.  The word that was preached by Pastor William McDowell at Deeper Fellowship Church in Orlando,Fl  was truly lead by the Holy Ghost as it is every Sunday.  We have all been challenged to go deeper in prayer and intimacy with the Lord.  How many of you know the more intimate we are with God the more we will be revealed.  Today the revelation to Pastor William was truly mind boggling. The sermon was based on the book of Genesis 28:10-22.  Many have been invited into this Unique season where God is asking his people to go deeper in prayer… there is a reason for this season.  God is truly setting many of us up for a true encounter with him and many are not even aware of it.

Let me just tell you I was not called to “Just fit in” and neither are you that is reading this today, so therefore stop trying to fit in because you never will and God does not want you to.  Many of us need to be “Set Free” from the approval of man.  I tell you now just as God has told me STOP checking to see if its ok with someone else!! STOP STOP!

Many of us carry a Jacob inside of us… Looking for approval from man! Stop selling yourself short. NEVER sacrifice a long-term blessing for short term satisfaction.

To know that God will take you to a place of pain, rejection, betrayal, loneliness just to set you up for an encounter with Him is truly something unexplainable.   Say this with me ” I am in a GREAT place” yes you are.  If your feeling this way your actually right where God wants you.  Its all for him to be able to grasp your attention.  You see in my case I was so busy doing for everyone and truly neglecting myself, my family, my friends.  God said today EVERYTHING will be better can you trust me in this.  He has met me in the Valley!

In your place of separation… from all the programs and routines your able to see and hear God move.  As HE walks into the room everything changes… Psalms 119:17-19 never thought I would say my suffering was actually good for me.  It taught me, it was good that I was afflicted. The instruction made me even more valuable. Just as soon as I realized given my pain to God was setting me up for a Divine Encounter everything changed.  I come to understand Im in my Bethel moment.

Can we trust God when He is saying “I want to give you fulfillment”. There is a lasting legacy and I am giving it to you says the Lord. Its a promise found in Genesis 28:13-15.  It was God all along… He allowed it to happen this way because something even greater is ahead.  He was saying “If I could just get her alone” I will show her the future (Prayer and Intimacy shows you what’s ahead.)

The enemy is afraid of the response of those who have had a genuine encounter with God. Once you have this encounter you truly won’t care what people think nor what people say, it will no longer matter and this would be why I can be so transparent about this season of Refreshing and Restoration I find myself in. 

As Pastor William ended the sermon today in River 1, he made a call to those that had received revelation of the word, He began to say there are many of you in this room that started ministry with some people and I see you in a helicopter with them your laughing and your saying we are in this together forever, but then all of a sudden I see them pushing you off and out of the helicopter. Many of you have been hurt by people you would have least expected it from.  He continued by saying It’s ok… It’s not your fault.  They could not with stand, but your here today and its been removed God is doing a new thing and even greater thing, just know your entering into something greater.  As he made this call the people where standing to there feet and he began to call them forward… at one point he said “Oh my”  all of these people have been carrying a knife in there back.

This is the call to ministry… Your still standing and something greater is happening.

Never loose your wonder and no matter what stay true to you and always know you have been approved by God and no others opinion matters.


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