Healing Hurts 

When your in the process of healing and restoration you must be prepared to face much more adversary. Restoration and Healing is the one thing the Enemy does not want for you. He will use anything or anyone to try and affect the process of your healing and restoration. Be still …. know that He is God.
Stand firm hold your posture. You know who you are. In this time of healing and restoration assure yourself that your armor is placed on correctly. Refuge in the word of God for each time a dart is thrown you will recognize who it’s coming from. 
Pretty rough day today… we all have those no one is exempt. It’s part of the process. Even when bad news comes your way, bad memories pop up your job is to remain in Him. Things will come up to take you out but I say No!!! Don’t allow it. I have used this analogy before …. you know a 3rd degree burn has to be scrapped to allow is to heal…. and oh my does that hurt well so does the process of restoration and healing.  

Allow it… it’s all worth it.


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