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The mindset of a Son/Daughter is always to align their thoughts to the thoughts of God. I sit and watch the world today where many are frantic and in a panic over this pandemic COVID-19. Fear Not is in the Bible 365 times for every day of our lives.

Why are we in such fear and panic says the Lord? For do you not know that I am with you. Joshua 1:9

Don’t you know that No weapon formed against you shall prosper Isaiah 54:17.

Have I not told you you must have submission to governing authorities Romans 13.

Why this reaction Zion?

The fact of the matter here is that my people are perishing for lack of knowledge. The answer is in my Word says the Lord. I come to speak prosperity into your Spirit, Mind and Soul. Positive thoughts to help you once and for all align yourself to my will. His Mercy endures forever for Love covers a multitudes of sins His mercy reigns forever. We must turn from our wicked ways and seek the face of God.

As I write this I’m led to express that it never be my intention to discourage anyone. The truth here is to set the captive free. We must renew our mind and align it to the Word of God. I was listening to a sermon last night and this is exactly what God is saying as He looks upon us….”HEY HEY”….. what’s happening with the people of Zion.

What is going on that we have a bunch of rebellious prophets stating they are listening to the voice of God and God is telling them to keep going not to cancel services etc etc. So another words let’s just delete from the Bible Romans 13 and create what you say God is saying now in 2020. There is No new revelation here. The Bible is written. It was written for yesterday, today and always. How can we pretend to falsely speak on Gods behalf and jeopardize our Nation. God is still sitting on the Throne!!!!!!

I’m going to say as I prophet of God I’m disappointed with what I’m seeing. We can’t put the lives of people at risk because we did not prepare in advance to be a good steward of what God has trusted us with. If the church building has to be closed that’s not the enemy… that is God saying you have for too long taken advantage of what is mine. It’s been mishandled. Back to the basics and because I’m a God of mercy I give you another opportunity for He is a God of opportunity. Back to the book of Acts where two or three gathered together and provoked His Presence and experienced manifestations like never before. It’s time…. it’s time for Zion to Rise and Shine. It’s time for disciples to be made and taught the word so they shall depend on God and depend on His word.

Mark 12:31 a commandment Love your Neighbor as you Love yourself. “If you love yourself you protect yourself correct? So don’t put you Neighbor in jeopardy Love your neighbor this is for those that insist on being out and about when we are being told to stay home.

By no means am I condemning anyone or is my intention to make anyone feel bad. When God tells me to write I fear the Lord and obey. We are living in a time where this needs to be written in black and white. For way to long the Lord has been calling on our attention.

It’s time for Zion to prepare for the greatest revival ever. In this time prophetic worship is being birthed in those who are worshiping Him in spirit and truth. As you read this understand God has allowed this time for you to be more then ever authentic, original, transparent and sing of His majesty. Best selling books are being written in this time as the Holy Ghost makes special visitations to those who are following His instruction and disconnecting from the madness and noise to seek His face. No better time then know to re-establish the altar in your homes, bible study nightly, trivia with your kids, worship, this is how the cell group vision was established be led by the spirit to strengthen the house of the Lord.

This is the time for the Church of Christ to Arise!!!!

This is not a book your reading this is spontaneous scribe anointing and I am obedient as He leads me to do so.

The Lord is near!!! Stay Home if you can. And understand that does not make you a weak believer that makes you wise and of the Lord. Zion we need to be prepared for once the authorities release us back to normality we have no excuse and we can bring fame to Jesus for He is worthy. There are so many ways to allow the light of Jesus to shine through you.

Do Not Fear!!

Be Encouraged!!

You are Blessed Fearfully and Wonderfully Made!! We shall overcome!

Begin declaring the Victory!!!

His Prophet Janelle Adorno

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