For who’s sake 

#Recklesslove #day3 
As I entered in the river this morning God came in like a rushing wind. He spoke of how there are things and people we may align ourselves with and they may even stand in a place of authority over our life’s and we fear so we remain in silence. I could hear God saying Daughter Cry out for Zion’s Sake. I began saying For Zion’s Sake. It’s going to take a revivalist to understand the burden and demand God is placing upon His called ones. Revival is an invitation and there is a responsibility in order for us to actually see it. Yesterday I shared that I had said to God take it All… Everything! Not just this or that but Everything. God is inviting us into #Revival and we must not be complacent in understanding the truth on Revival. Revival is something we need.  

If we think the cost is too high we will miss it. God is calling… what is our response. 

Passive response yields to passive results. God has stepped into mess with our intellectual ways. It’s time to speak #Truth to power. We can’t continue to stay in silence and think the situation will resolve itself. #Evil advances when it’s opposed. God will judge your silence. It’s ok… you may dread having to reveal and unveil but if your don’t you too shall see the consequences of your silence.

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