End 2019 Strong

Confirmation after confirmation this weekend. We where truly Blessed!

God you go out of your way to assure us that it’s your divine order that must be established. He said REVISIT and know that the Vision given is ENOUGH. Go and RESET ohhhhh can you hear Him speak.

The Lord can’t and won’t operate in disorder. There are way too many rebellious spirits wanting to operate in the Kingdom realm and God says that time is coming to an end! God will endorse you but only if your under His order.

We can’t continue to operate with our own impulse. We have to submit to His will His Purpose and that’s going to take obedience. No one can submit to a person that lacks submission. You can try but it won’t happen. You will continue to spread disease a plague of rebellious spiritual children operating under disorder, before you know it they will take you out.

Allow God to release 2020 Vision on you. Set the order and those that can’t and won’t submit let them go says the Lord.

You desire a healthy home, finances, new businesses and the Lord is saying I want healthy churches where the sick can come in and be delivered, restored, re-established and released under the covering under Gods Divine Order. We must be in Gods Divine Order!! SHAMMAH!!!!!

He said speak so I’m speaking!!

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