Not a fan.

Based on JOHN 6:66

At this point many of his disciples turned away and deserted him.


Not a fan.


Tuesday November 7th at 7:05pm I️ encountered the Lord. I️ was standing at the altar and my tears where just rolling down my face the presence of the Lord was so tangible I️ could not contain the tears. I️ recall hearing the minister say on the mic “What are y’all waiting for? “ I️ started weeping and sobbing even more.

I️ understood at that moment that I️ was in the midst of an encounter with the Lord and there was nothing that could stop what He was about to say to me. Right, then He said “Your Not A Fan”. At that moment I️ tried to make sense of what He was saying but all I️ could do was weep.

There comes a time in your life where you truly have to make a decision and analyze your every step. Can people look at you and see a person that is Completely Committed to Jesus?

How many of you reading this have said YES Lord yes? Can you relate with me in the fact that you really did not know the price you where going to have to pay?

I say all the time to those that look at me as a fanatic or as a hallelujah this hallelujah that “You DONT know what I️ know, what He has done for me”.

There is a price to pay… but as you read this I️ tell you the price is worth it and I️ would not trade it for nothing. I️ could blog for years about all of the amazing things God has done in my 40 years of life. It’s truly breathtaking even when many of them started out painful!

Hearing God say to me “Your not a Fan” was exactly what I️ needed for to hear. Yes, I️ did read this book about 3 years ago but till yesterday it did not make sense. Many times we are fooling ourselves and no one else with our relationship and intimacy with the Lord. I️ have been sharing lately that having an encounter will demonstrate a change, a transformation. There is something different about you! It’s noticeable.

I️ had struggled for such a long time to feel accepted and part of something until recently in all honesty.

Yes, muah.. A Wife,

Mother, Sister, Friend, Pastor…

Are you shocked?? Don’t be!

Many live in this same tabu….

This is where it hits hard. The moment of loneliness, where your no longer beneficial, or when you won’t do what is pleasing to others…when you notice that because your refusing to follow programs and be normal you become non existent … How are you going to react? What are you going to do?

Will you stray away?


  • Will you recognize that your purpose and Gods plan for your life is far much more greater.
  • Will you contend the land that God

is calling you into even if it means it’s just you?

  • Will you take on a prayer posture that can not be shaken or disturbed.
  • Will you live to seek encounters and not ignore Gods Invitation.

God won’t waste His oil. So you must take place and decide. Will you just be a fan….. a fan will eventually show there true colors!!

Be on alert there everywhere!

Be Blessed! My prayer is that you be inspired to press in and press away from what’s normal. God has something amazing in for you and all it’s takes is you saying YES!

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False representative…

Truly mind blown by the Spirit of the Lord. Clearly speaking into the lives of those whom chose to listen and not pretend to just let Him pass by.

As I sat to receive this morning at DFC in Orlando, Fl the spirit of boldness came upon me and said you will say what I’m saying, you will share my truth. The word was truly on another level today but in all honesty, it started Friday night when I chose to attend a night of worship. Coming together with other believers whom truly carry revival within them… I mean not everyone in the room but many. You can tell… and no I’m not throwing shade or judging anyone there was a moment where the room was heavy, you know the religious spirits lurking around looking at us as if we where fools striking the ground when truly we where prophetically opening the way for the River to pass on through. Well you know me, those who read my blogs I will say exactly what I’m seeing and I say it all the time “Let your actions speak louder”.

Today at River one the Spirit of the Lord gave us points to really analyze those that know and can really see what and when Revival is taking place and what they will observe if they remain sober and aware:

• There are Those that see it

• ‎There are those that want to see it

• ‎There are those that see it after it is pointed out

• ‎There are those that stay and look

• ‎And lastly there are those that walk by and wonder what was that not really knowing what happened

Here we go…. you can’t say your a carrier of Revival and not feel uncomfortable. You can’t say your carrier if your still doing the same old things. You can’t say your carrier if your remaining silent and not sharing what God has placed in you. Here’s a good one you can’t say your carrier but still have the mindset that you can’t turn on your light on the day of Halloween to share the light 💡 of the Lord because that would make you a partaker of the demonic spirits that come with this pagan holiday. Come on let’s be real we must make up our mind are we children of the light or still muddling in the dark. Still sleeping around with this one and that one… driving on the road and still flicking people off, praising at church but cursing at Home. Yeah yeah I’m saying it. We must Stop being of FALSE REPRESENTATION of Christ that we say lives in us. People are watching…..don’t be partakers of evil by doing the same old things you use to before you encountered the Lord.

strong>Breaking the programs and Sunday service rituals but saying your in Revival that is what I call false representation. Not breaking the social clans and clicks in church is also false representation, my church and on and on… His Church we are one!! As far as I know Jesus himself knew what it was to mingle with everyone. When the scripture talked about not being partaker Of evil what it’s trying to say to us is WE DONT DO IT but WE DO REPRESENT WHO JESUS IS IN EVERY OPPORTUNITY AT ALL POSSIBLE.

Yesterday I was able to be out at an event called “Word on the Street” and as a carrier of Revival. We need to stop letting it pass by us! There are many opportunities to bring Jesus to the Lost. We need to renew our mindsets. And I understand not everyone has the desire to minister in the streets and that’s ok we have many platforms to choose from. Ask God to help with the desires of your heart. There are things taken place right before our eyes and we are being False Representatives of Jesus on earth.

We need to know that Revival won’t be the same as it was back then because God is doing a new thing!!


“This is what the Lord says—your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: “For your sakes I will send an army against Babylon, forcing the Babylonians to flee in those ships they are so proud of. I am the Lord, your Holy One, Israel’s Creator and King. I am the Lord, who opened a way through the waters, making a dry path through the sea. I called forth the mighty army of Egypt with all its chariots and horses. I drew them beneath the waves, and they drowned, their lives snuffed out like a smoldering candlewick. “But forget all that— it is nothing compared to what I am going to do. For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland. The wild animals in the fields will thank me, the jackals and owls, too, for giving them water in the desert. Yes, I will make rivers in the dry wasteland so my chosen people can be refreshed.” Isaiah 43:14-20 NLT

We must understand God cannot be controlled and I’m not saying you can’t do as you please because self control is one of the fruits of the spirit. What I’m saying you can’t have Revival on your own terms.

Revival is inconvenient, messy and yes there will be controversy. Know this God sets the terms and conditions that He requires of you. Are you able to say Yes without knowing the price your going to have to pay….

I refuse to be part of the enthused I’m one of the infused. I’m a carrier. My God cannot be Boxed in!

God has truly flipped the script. This is not a season to sit and wait we are in “A New Exodus” and the Lord our God is saying I have opened the way. He is not parting the sea He is parting the dessert with His river. The past has taught us and has illustrated to us. Have we yet come to recognize…

Don’t miss the moment and Don’t False represent.

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What do “We have to offer” #Morningdevotional Based on John 4

F60F3A97-8435-4E81-8EE4-6C079840AA51What are we offering in essence to our people? To those around us? Are our conversations helping people reflect and gain awareness about themselves? Are the conversations deep enough?

Coaching and Leading are both similar but also very different they are amazing relationships that help people to gain awareness about themselves and gives them clarity to know what to do next and take action to move first towards the desires of God and importantly there goals.

Coaching means; to train, instruct, teach, educate

Lead means; to lead, chief, head, pioneer, front runner, trailblazer, authority figure

Many times our focus is on the issue at hand and we so easily point to our people their ‘areas of improvement’. But learning from our Master we realize helping people gain awareness facilitates them to take ownership and action and that’s powerful because they change and start to help others change as well. It’s in these natural conversations that people get to know about us – our belief and intentions and slowly that leads them to open-up and think about what they need to do. Leading them to lead themselves to then lead others.

Choosing who leads you!

“Many want to lead but don’t allow themselves to be led.”

First and foremost we must allow God to orchestrate our lives, He will then place someone before us to help us work out and define our full potential.

Key factors criteria for those who coach and or lead:

A person of consecration
A person of intimacy & prayer
A person that expresses truth before all things
A person that promotes faith
A person that not only says but shows affirmative action

There are many “So called leaders” out there but there actions truly are poor! I have to Daily auto examine myself because I too can fall into this category. We have to be careful with those that think the following ways; If there is nothing in it for me then I have no further interest. If it no longer benefits me then I’m not fulfilling my personal motive.

Let me end by saying there are people in your life that are investing in you daily. Praying, teaching, leading by example don’t miss the opportunity God puts before you to recognize these things. Ask God to help you, let God know that you desire to be led so you can lead others.

Hope this helps in knowing truly your essence , that your essence leave a pleasing aroma a trail to really help others know God the way you have learned to know God.

You have a lot to offer!

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Stop complaining #morning devotional


Based on book of Numbers chapter 11

I enter into my chambers of prayer this morning to find myself yet again weeping in Gods presence. Asking Him to forgive me making excuses and complaining… something I know we all do. I have talked about complaining but never received the true revelation until this morning.

We tend to make so many excuses not realizing that our outcome of making excuses leads us to an unhappy place where all we will do is complain. This morning I was faced with this true reality. I know …. God has a heavy hand with me but I need this so I continue to accept what God truly has to say to me.

I’m humbled that I can hear His voice speaking directly into my spirit.

Let me share that a month or more ago my spouse spoke to me and to our core team about starting a Worship Night here in our city Lake Nona, Fl. here is where the problem lays within me. I know God has called us into ministry and we have experienced this already. We have seen God do the supernatural, amazing things for His Glory and Honor however, there was an issue. The issue was that instead of just letting God be God we carried a burden that totally consumed us to the point that today I have made every excuse possible to not go back to that place that God has called me to.

I acknowledge this and admit it publicly. God spoke clearly this morning with His divine instructions. He truly confronted me.

“Then the Lord said to Moses, “Gather before me seventy men who are recognized as elders and leaders of Israel. Bring them to the Tabernacle to stand there with you. I will come down and talk to you there. I will take some of the Spirit that is upon you, and I will put the Spirit upon them also. They will bear the burden of the people along with you, so you will not have to carry it alone.”
‭‭Numbers‬ ‭11:16-17‬ ‭

Excuses are for one self… God is over and done with hearing our excuses and even more so our complaints. Gods Word is more then enough. Our complaining of not feeling worthy, prepared, or not able to carry the burden etc etc… is being canceled this morning in the mighty name of Jesus. Yes, I have been faced with this truth and God is saying what are you going to do now…. I will carry this burden, stop complaining, stop making excuses and march forward with the call I have placed on your life leave it all and remain in me and I will forever remain in you.

God is waiting on our willing hearts! Are you willing this morning to say enough is enough to all my excuses and complaining… I am!

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The Struggle is real…. #morning devotional


Based on the scripture from book of Colossians 1 entire chapter.

How many of us, as I can do this morning can come to confess that we struggle more then anything. Not sure if I’m the only one don’t believe I am but being completely honest here the struggle is truly real.

After soaking in the Lords Presence this morning but first honestly struggling because staying in bed was what my flesh was begging for saying just another few minutes of sleep.. looking for every reason to make it valid… It’s cold, I’m tired, I went to bed late, My body hurts and my list goes on and on.  I had to literally say “Janelle” the “Struggle is Real”

Reading and understanding the scripture took me to a place to know that I work and struggle so hard because I can only depend on Christ’s Mighty Power to work in me.

Yes, this is true I could make every excuse possible to not take the time to devote to an intimate hour of prayer a day with my main power source which is God but the reality is all I am doing at that point is running on my own power source and my own power source will eventually fade away.  Pretty much to bring clarity there is no recharging in my own power source.

The scripture is saying I need to get to a point that I am glad when I suffer for this is where I am participating in the sufferings of Christ that continues for His Body the Church.

Amazing….  continue to meditate and just last night I gave every bit and but of excuse to move forward with what God is asking. Let me just say this God literally sent a messenger to say “You have what you need now let me make the way” again it’s not until I’m suffering will I truly see Gods Hand and His perfect way and why… because everything until then is my way and God does not want that.

We must desire to get to the point when we know God has entrusted in us that He has placed a responsibility of serving His church by proclaiming His entire message to all.  If I can’t commit to dealing with the struggle of taking time to enter into the chambers of Prayer why in the world would I expect to take on anything else… there is no source without prayer and there is nothing left to say after this.

Prayer is essential, intimacy is a must… yes the “Struggle is Real” but once you press into acknowledgement that it’s not until you suffer that you will enter into that place of participating with Christ many things will remain unfulfilled.


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It’s not dead ….


Based on Matthew 28

When it looks like it’s over (dead) but God shows you it’s just the start of something greater.

After reading Matthew 28 this morning I mediate and soak in Gods Presence to come to understand that when we think just as many think it’s over, that IT’S EXPIRED, there is no hope, it can’t possibly change, it’s done God steps in as He does exactly what’s in this scripture and says it’s just about to get started. You may not see me there anymore but that’s because Something greater is taking place. Can’t you see “Im no longer there”.


While you had been thinking that It was dead, done, over the truth of the matter is you where having a heavenly vision. Deep inside of you, you know that what is taken place is not enough and there is so much more to accomplish and now you can’t even begin to contain the fire that burns within.

There are times, that it appears as if no life inhabited in us and we are just laying there and we feel nothing is happening but truly I say to you even when there is great physical pain and affliction, there is still the tangible presence of Jesus and all He asked is that we tap into it.

Three amazing things I have learned in my time of restoration and refreshing aside from so much more, when you feel like the Holy Spirit hides it’s for these reasons:

1. To draw you near to Him
2. To test you
3. To purify you

Let nothing trouble you,
Let nothing scare you,
All is fleeing,
God alone is unchanging,
Patience, Everything obtains.
Who possesses God nothing wants. God alone suffices.

Now today let it be known and allow many to witness the supernatural fire in you… it’s not dead. Your not dead you have had an even deeper encounter with the Lord. What you have experienced has been good but what’s happening now is even better.

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In the River…. (Sunday recap #deeper



After resting this afternoon I came to a point where the Lord was saying pour out amongst my people, start writing.  I truly believe sharing this with others will encourage them to go deeper and above all there faith will continue to increase.  For many it would be hard to share what I tend to share and that’s ok… the only way I have been able to  share is truly because of the encounter I have had with God.

Today, was truly a day of reflection.  The word that was preached by Pastor William McDowell at Deeper Fellowship Church in Orlando,Fl  was truly lead by the Holy Ghost as it is every Sunday.  We have all been challenged to go deeper in prayer and intimacy with the Lord.  How many of you know the more intimate we are with God the more we will be revealed.  Today the revelation to Pastor William was truly mind boggling. The sermon was based on the book of Genesis 28:10-22.  Many have been invited into this Unique season where God is asking his people to go deeper in prayer… there is a reason for this season.  God is truly setting many of us up for a true encounter with him and many are not even aware of it.

Let me just tell you I was not called to “Just fit in” and neither are you that is reading this today, so therefore stop trying to fit in because you never will and God does not want you to.  Many of us need to be “Set Free” from the approval of man.  I tell you now just as God has told me STOP checking to see if its ok with someone else!! STOP STOP!

Many of us carry a Jacob inside of us… Looking for approval from man! Stop selling yourself short. NEVER sacrifice a long-term blessing for short term satisfaction.

To know that God will take you to a place of pain, rejection, betrayal, loneliness just to set you up for an encounter with Him is truly something unexplainable.   Say this with me ” I am in a GREAT place” yes you are.  If your feeling this way your actually right where God wants you.  Its all for him to be able to grasp your attention.  You see in my case I was so busy doing for everyone and truly neglecting myself, my family, my friends.  God said today EVERYTHING will be better can you trust me in this.  He has met me in the Valley!

In your place of separation… from all the programs and routines your able to see and hear God move.  As HE walks into the room everything changes… Psalms 119:17-19 never thought I would say my suffering was actually good for me.  It taught me, it was good that I was afflicted. The instruction made me even more valuable. Just as soon as I realized given my pain to God was setting me up for a Divine Encounter everything changed.  I come to understand Im in my Bethel moment.

Can we trust God when He is saying “I want to give you fulfillment”. There is a lasting legacy and I am giving it to you says the Lord. Its a promise found in Genesis 28:13-15.  It was God all along… He allowed it to happen this way because something even greater is ahead.  He was saying “If I could just get her alone” I will show her the future (Prayer and Intimacy shows you what’s ahead.)

The enemy is afraid of the response of those who have had a genuine encounter with God. Once you have this encounter you truly won’t care what people think nor what people say, it will no longer matter and this would be why I can be so transparent about this season of Refreshing and Restoration I find myself in. 

As Pastor William ended the sermon today in River 1, he made a call to those that had received revelation of the word, He began to say there are many of you in this room that started ministry with some people and I see you in a helicopter with them your laughing and your saying we are in this together forever, but then all of a sudden I see them pushing you off and out of the helicopter. Many of you have been hurt by people you would have least expected it from.  He continued by saying It’s ok… It’s not your fault.  They could not with stand, but your here today and its been removed God is doing a new thing and even greater thing, just know your entering into something greater.  As he made this call the people where standing to there feet and he began to call them forward… at one point he said “Oh my”  all of these people have been carrying a knife in there back.

This is the call to ministry… Your still standing and something greater is happening.

Never loose your wonder and no matter what stay true to you and always know you have been approved by God and no others opinion matters.


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