Are you sure EVERYTHING

#Day 2 Checking in #Recklesslove 
So I said Lord take it all…..

When I said take it all I meant everything. I visualize myself standing before the Lord and He is holding a huge gift behind His back. He was waiting on me to give Him everything. When we say Yes to the Lord do we really understand what we are agreeing to. Hmmmm I wonder. For the past few days I prepared to step into a huge transition that would put me in a place of letting go of many things….as I took a break from the madness and looked around I laughed and said well I did say everything! A huge weight has been released to the point that I feel lighter and just to think it’s only been a couple of days! The moral of the story is I had a choice and so do you. When your saying to God take it all do you mean it… or when He starts removing You begin saying no wait not this… EVERYTHING MEANS EVERYTHING. 


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