A Note from Pastors Desk 

Today will be the first time that I release a few notes I have had on my desk “My heart”. Once called by God always called by God. You may have been called to Pastor, to teach, to evangelize, to prophetically speak or plant church’s only you and God know this for sure. 
“For God’s gifts and his call can never be withdrawn.”

‭‭Romans‬ ‭11:29‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Maybe you are running from the call or maybe you have heard the voice of the Lord as in my case say “I have a greater assignment” first we must be clear in knowing that we have been faithful in the little before He is giving us something greater. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying my assignment is better then any other because each assignment is divinely unique and from God. Where Im trying to go with this is….don’t minimize the platform God has created you for by remaining complacent. 

After 40 weeks to be exact I’m able to understand to its entirety the meaning of “Expansion”. God said loud and clear that 2017 would be a year of “Expansion” He did not only say this to me He said it to a brother in Christ Apostle Tony Mendez. I can only speak On my behalf that now I’m understanding that I was conformed with preaching inside the church on Sunday’s and whoever came heard the word and that’s it I was done, I was able to go home and prepare for the following week. For my brother Tony it was preparing the way for His grand entrance to Heaven. Again, I can only speak on my behalf. One thing I can say for sure is that it was a “Suddenly moment” of God. Today we see the fulfillment of greatness. Did this hurt… yes absolutely. Every Expansion is painful. 
For me accepting the fact that I needed to marinate in Gods Presence, that I needed the “Rivers” to move within me. From inside out…. And that I needed to have the courage to say to a congregation “We need to be refreshed” and if you love us you will understand and allow us this time. Never saying we quit or that we give up but saying we need a time to rest in Gods Presence. 
Of course I battled with the norm… what will people think. The comments, the remarks, the ignorance, the arrogance plain and simple the stupidity of immature followers saying “You see they where not called from God”. “If God would have called them, they would still have a church” or the gossip with comments such as “Did you hear they fell” “Only one of them is Righteous and they both need to be” insults pure insults not to us but to God…. I can go on and on… it’s worthless. With all this we knew the process was from God and He was leading us into a deeper river. We trusted Him as well. No matter what our eyes could see we still believed that God had something greater ahead. 
Today Sunday 10/08/2017 as I sat and received the word of the Lord I heard the Lord say “Now you have entered into your season to see the fulfillment of Expansion” because of your obedience you will do greater things now then ever before.  

It’s takes a “River” to lead you into understanding Gods divine plan for your life. Are you able to trust the currents of the River.  
What does “River” mean…

It means the Spirit of the Lord.  

I have to pause a moment before I continue on because I must Thank Deeper Fellowship Church Pastor William McDowell for being lead in the spirit. Each word that has been spoken has come directly from God. Exactly what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear but needed to hear and understand. Also, to Apostle Juan and Apostle Chris Mendez for forming the agenda of KG2018 and all the keynote speakers.  

Let me continue by saying that many of us have a much larger platform then what we could ever imagine. There are gifts that you may think have to be released from the pulpit when God is saying “You are my pulpit”. You are the one that is going to pull out many from a pit. Being on the altar is nice but there is a limit to it. There is a limit of relationship, a limit of intimacy, a limit of transparency, a limit of truth…. any you may say how… well there are things you just can’t say to everybody from the altar point blank. Learning to walk like Jesus is learning how to be in key places, strategic places allowing the River of God to move where conversations will lead to conversions of the saving of souls which we all know is Gods number one priority. 
Don’t sell yourself short…. have the mindset of Expansion. Walk, Talk, Teach Expansion Of His Kingdom.  
And for those that have been praying…. and say I see nothing happening…. have you been specific? Have you called by there name that “Lazarus” that you believe to be dead or sleeping? Have you called it out by name… Have you yet to realize it’s not just an individual it’s a SOUL for Christ.. or deeper it’s a PURPOSE for Christ. Whatever seems to be dead or sleeping call it out. And because it’s a difficult thing don’t you for a moment think it’s not from God as that would be a poor mentality! 
Keep pressing in! Keep Soaring! Keep Believing! Keep praying until something Happens! Don’t stop till you see it! Keep striking the ground till the Rivers flow! 










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