40 and Fabulous 

Life can be tough but everyday is a learning experience. As we get older we take the opportunity to embrace everyday as if it’s our last.  Many times we think we are in a situation that has no turn around or way out.  We must learn to pause and truly not underestimate the power that Jesus has for us and in us.  Nothing in our lives takes place without first having permission from God to take place.  He allows it to see how we will face it and deal with it.  We have that choice to make with Him or without Him. 

Today I celebrate life “My 40th Birthday”. At the age of 29 I lost my mother of Breast Cancer and a few years after I lost my dad.  It’s hard to embrace the loss of a dear loved one but there was a lesson to be learned.  I depended so much on my parents.  Anytime I was in a situation I would call out to them to fix it.  Mom and Dad never said No they where always willing, always there.  It was not till after one year after my mothers death that I could really understand what had taken place in mylife.  I had fell into a deep depression once mom passed. For over a year I would call her cell phone with hopes that she would answer.  No one could tell me anything that what help with the void I felt inside.  I learned what it was to mourn, to be broken and allow God in to comfort me.  Not even my husband could comfort how I was feeling.  I neglected the children and just wanted to sob about loosing my dear mother to a horrific terminal illness.  

In that time of my life I was also facing a very challenging time with my marriage.  My spouse did not understand my void.  He did not understand why I had shut down.  He felt rejected by me in every way.  I really did not care how anyone felt.  I could not see past my pain.  After seeking counsel from the Lord I was able to come up out of the pit but in away it was late.. my marriage was at that point at it’s end. The only hope I had was that my spouse come to the Lord.  That was a process a story in its self. One day I will share… but today as I celebrate this milestone I’m encouraged to never give up and to never stay down.  Never allowing myself to be complacent.  There is always more. God is not done… it’s just the start of something greater.  

Saying hello to my fabulous forties! This is just a lil of my story! 

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