Yield to the Lord …..

CE556090-4515-4359-A879-A565FF41ADD6Based on Romans 6 (entire chapter.)

Surrender, capitulate, submit, relent, admit defeat, back down, climb down, give in, give up the struggle, lay down….

All of these words may truly help us understand what that Lord is saying. We tend to have an issue on what it is to stop and wait on the Lord.  We can’t neglect and acknowledge that He is on the throne and still in control. The moment we step into doing what we think is right without consulting with God we are setting ourselves up. There will be a consequence.

If we learn to “Yield onto the the Lord” there will be very little times we will find ourselves in a situation that God has not prepared us for. It’s as easy as this …. we don’t sin just because it happened. We sin because we neglected to abide to the will of God and neglected to yield to what the Lord thinks best for us. Sin does not just happen it’s premeditated.

As I sit in His Presence I rejoice to accepting the fact that for me what it was to “Yield” was a premeditated recurring issue… God many times warned me but I would continue to do what I felt was right. One of the areas God would ask me to “Yield” was in the area of my spouses spiritual life. You see if I did not see it “now” with my own two eyes I would intentionally plan on ways to make it be.

Hope you can understand me as I’m wrapping myself around this to understand as well. I was premeditating on what I wanted instead of yielding on to what God wanted to do.

There are places we can’t enter. There are things we can’t do. God is not asking for us to do absolutely anything about many situations in our life but what He is asking is that we just pray!!!

The moment I understood that God wanted me to “Yield” to what He was doing was the moment I was able to see His mighty will and way taking place in my husbands life. Everyday that I pursue it on my own without God is one more day delayed. We all believe we have good intentions but there are moments we need to just remain silent trusting in what the Lord is doing.

There are things you are waiting on the Lord to do and the Lord is saying I need you to “Yield” on to me.

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