When is Enough Enough 

When is enough… Enough..

I have asked myself this question for about 19 years. Marriage is not easy. Marriage is a daily lesson. Marriage is truly two people learning how to work out there differences and each and every matter. I have found myself many times saying I’m done… enough is enough but then I see myself still there. Am I still there because of insecurities… Am I still there because of security. Am I still there because it’s what I know or am I still there because I want to know… As I meditate in my time with the Lord I can hear Him say “Nothing ends until I want it to End” 
I may say enough is enough but what is God saying…. There are many reasons to give up but God says giving up is not an option. You see giving up is easy. Giving up is simple. Giving up is what many will do to please there very own ambitions and personal desires. Crazy to share this but I turn the “Big 40” in two weeks. I look back and say what have you done… I can’t complain life has been more then Good to me because God is Good all the Time.
In this time of restoration I sit and wonder and hear God say may you never loose your wonder. Now that clutter and junk has been removed I bring clarity to every situation. 

It’s possible I may not know the outcome of my season but one thing is for sure not until God is done will any of it go away.  

It’s His will, It’s His plan.
He Rows the Boat and calms the storm.


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