What do “We have to offer” #Morningdevotional Based on John 4

F60F3A97-8435-4E81-8EE4-6C079840AA51What are we offering in essence to our people? To those around us? Are our conversations helping people reflect and gain awareness about themselves? Are the conversations deep enough?

Coaching and Leading are both similar but also very different they are amazing relationships that help people to gain awareness about themselves and gives them clarity to know what to do next and take action to move first towards the desires of God and importantly there goals.

Coaching means; to train, instruct, teach, educate

Lead means; to lead, chief, head, pioneer, front runner, trailblazer, authority figure

Many times our focus is on the issue at hand and we so easily point to our people their ‘areas of improvement’. But learning from our Master we realize helping people gain awareness facilitates them to take ownership and action and that’s powerful because they change and start to help others change as well. It’s in these natural conversations that people get to know about us – our belief and intentions and slowly that leads them to open-up and think about what they need to do. Leading them to lead themselves to then lead others.

Choosing who leads you!

“Many want to lead but don’t allow themselves to be led.”

First and foremost we must allow God to orchestrate our lives, He will then place someone before us to help us work out and define our full potential.

Key factors criteria for those who coach and or lead:

A person of consecration
A person of intimacy & prayer
A person that expresses truth before all things
A person that promotes faith
A person that not only says but shows affirmative action

There are many “So called leaders” out there but there actions truly are poor! I have to Daily auto examine myself because I too can fall into this category. We have to be careful with those that think the following ways; If there is nothing in it for me then I have no further interest. If it no longer benefits me then I’m not fulfilling my personal motive.

Let me end by saying there are people in your life that are investing in you daily. Praying, teaching, leading by example don’t miss the opportunity God puts before you to recognize these things. Ask God to help you, let God know that you desire to be led so you can lead others.

Hope this helps in knowing truly your essence , that your essence leave a pleasing aroma a trail to really help others know God the way you have learned to know God.

You have a lot to offer!

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