The Struggle is real…. #morning devotional


Based on the scripture from book of Colossians 1 entire chapter.

How many of us, as I can do this morning can come to confess that we struggle more then anything. Not sure if I’m the only one don’t believe I am but being completely honest here the struggle is truly real.

After soaking in the Lords Presence this morning but first honestly struggling because staying in bed was what my flesh was begging for saying just another few minutes of sleep.. looking for every reason to make it valid… It’s cold, I’m tired, I went to bed late, My body hurts and my list goes on and on.  I had to literally say “Janelle” the “Struggle is Real”

Reading and understanding the scripture took me to a place to know that I work and struggle so hard because I can only depend on Christ’s Mighty Power to work in me.

Yes, this is true I could make every excuse possible to not take the time to devote to an intimate hour of prayer a day with my main power source which is God but the reality is all I am doing at that point is running on my own power source and my own power source will eventually fade away.  Pretty much to bring clarity there is no recharging in my own power source.

The scripture is saying I need to get to a point that I am glad when I suffer for this is where I am participating in the sufferings of Christ that continues for His Body the Church.

Amazing….  continue to meditate and just last night I gave every bit and but of excuse to move forward with what God is asking. Let me just say this God literally sent a messenger to say “You have what you need now let me make the way” again it’s not until I’m suffering will I truly see Gods Hand and His perfect way and why… because everything until then is my way and God does not want that.

We must desire to get to the point when we know God has entrusted in us that He has placed a responsibility of serving His church by proclaiming His entire message to all.  If I can’t commit to dealing with the struggle of taking time to enter into the chambers of Prayer why in the world would I expect to take on anything else… there is no source without prayer and there is nothing left to say after this.

Prayer is essential, intimacy is a must… yes the “Struggle is Real” but once you press into acknowledgement that it’s not until you suffer that you will enter into that place of participating with Christ many things will remain unfulfilled.


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