Not a fan.

Based on JOHN 6:66

At this point many of his disciples turned away and deserted him.


Not a fan.


Tuesday November 7th at 7:05pm I️ encountered the Lord. I️ was standing at the altar and my tears where just rolling down my face the presence of the Lord was so tangible I️ could not contain the tears. I️ recall hearing the minister say on the mic “What are y’all waiting for? “ I️ started weeping and sobbing even more.

I️ understood at that moment that I️ was in the midst of an encounter with the Lord and there was nothing that could stop what He was about to say to me. Right, then He said “Your Not A Fan”. At that moment I️ tried to make sense of what He was saying but all I️ could do was weep.

There comes a time in your life where you truly have to make a decision and analyze your every step. Can people look at you and see a person that is Completely Committed to Jesus?

How many of you reading this have said YES Lord yes? Can you relate with me in the fact that you really did not know the price you where going to have to pay?

I say all the time to those that look at me as a fanatic or as a hallelujah this hallelujah that “You DONT know what I️ know, what He has done for me”.

There is a price to pay… but as you read this I️ tell you the price is worth it and I️ would not trade it for nothing. I️ could blog for years about all of the amazing things God has done in my 40 years of life. It’s truly breathtaking even when many of them started out painful!

Hearing God say to me “Your not a Fan” was exactly what I️ needed for to hear. Yes, I️ did read this book about 3 years ago but till yesterday it did not make sense. Many times we are fooling ourselves and no one else with our relationship and intimacy with the Lord. I️ have been sharing lately that having an encounter will demonstrate a change, a transformation. There is something different about you! It’s noticeable.

I️ had struggled for such a long time to feel accepted and part of something until recently in all honesty.

Yes, muah.. A Wife,

Mother, Sister, Friend, Pastor…

Are you shocked?? Don’t be!

Many live in this same tabu….

This is where it hits hard. The moment of loneliness, where your no longer beneficial, or when you won’t do what is pleasing to others…when you notice that because your refusing to follow programs and be normal you become non existent … How are you going to react? What are you going to do?

Will you stray away?


  • Will you recognize that your purpose and Gods plan for your life is far much more greater.
  • Will you contend the land that God

is calling you into even if it means it’s just you?

  • Will you take on a prayer posture that can not be shaken or disturbed.
  • Will you live to seek encounters and not ignore Gods Invitation.

God won’t waste His oil. So you must take place and decide. Will you just be a fan….. a fan will eventually show there true colors!!

Be on alert there everywhere!

Be Blessed! My prayer is that you be inspired to press in and press away from what’s normal. God has something amazing in for you and all it’s takes is you saying YES!

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