Don’t mistake silence 

Many will mistake silence for weakness when in fact its Strength. There are times where nothing is to be said or shared. In my time of posture with the Lord I find myself in a place of silence it’s makes me brave it’s makes me strong. My tears are part of my daily recovery. My tears remind me to not be impulsive but slow to act.  
I never want to do things in life while in an emotional state. I want to make sure that every step I take is guided by Abba. Be slow in acting upon the moment. Let

God lead the way. How horrible it would be to do something and then live in regret of your actions! You see when things are not clear stop and ask Abba to clear it up don’t do things just then because you think it’s right. Let God decide that. 
As I sit and look back on the day I said to our church I need a time of refreshing if anyone could see the faces and reactions…. Worth a million bucks… change is hard but change is necessary. When you know you refuse to be NORMAL you will be called to make some decisions that not everyone is going to agree with… but that’s ok! 
Just wanted to share with those who love me and want to see Gods glory through this how I’m feeling today.

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